Cluster analysis diagram based on the data on Fe, Mn concentrations and isotopic ratios δ13С and δ18O in the carbonate of shells from localities of different age with information about the taxonomic composition of subfossil mollusk taphocenoses: Brîn – Brînza, Giur – Giurgiuleşti, Sucl – Sucleia, Gubî – Gura Bîcului, Slma – Slobozia Mare

  Part of: Lyubas AA, Kabakov MB, Kriauciunas VV, Obada TF, Nicoara IN, Tomilova AA (2019) Freshwater mollusks from Neogene-Quaternary Dniester and Prut riverine deposits as indicator paleoenvironments: chemical composition of shells and its palaeoecological interpretation. Arctic Environmental Research 19(1): 35-42.