General view and exine surface of juniper pollen grains. A – the lidlets closing a functional pore (shown by arrows); B – functional pore and orbicules on exine surface; C – aggregation of orbicules in zone of functional pore; D – perforations, formed on exine surface of pollen grain as a result of orbicules come off (shown by arrows), the shade from one of orbicule loused contact with sexine is visible; E – orbicules on exine surface are supplied with barblets; F – shedded exine (on an external surface of endonexine appear through orbicules, attached to an external surface of sexine)

  Part of: Surso M (2018) Pollination and pollen germination in common juniper (Juniperus communis: Cupressaceae). Arctic Environmental Research 18(4): 162-174.